May 19th – BizInnovator Startup Workshop

Join us for a Power Hour Workshop on BizInnovator Startup’s curriculum

When: Thursday, May 19, 2022
Time: 4:00 – 5:00 PM EST
Where: Via Zoom (Link will be provided the day before the event, after you sign up)
Who: All educators who are interested in infusing entrepreneurship into their classroom.
Why: Go step-by-step through the BizInnovator Startup Business Model Canvas. Participate in a hands-on activity that you can take back to your classroom. Find out about summer professional development programs where you can earn graduate credit. Earn professional development credits and YIPPEE points.
Skills: Problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, enterprising, business acumen
Needed: Access to a laptop or desktop computer to use during the workshop

Featured Speaker and Workshop Leader – Dawn Bowlus

Dawn is the Director of the Jacobson Institute, and will lead participants in a hands-on startup journey. Participants will experience the first module of Bizinnovator Startup and leave with access to an activity they can implement with their students.

BizInnovator Startup

BizInnovator Startup is a turn-key, online entrepreneurship curriculum. Geared for HS students, BizInnovator Startup combines Design Thinking and the Lean Startup Method, giving your students an interactive, project-based, student-centric entrepreneurial learning environment. BizInnovator Startup is all about the startup process – identifying problems, finding the people (aka customers) who have the problem, learning from them to create a Value Proposition.

High School Educators who successfully complete the full 10 session professional development are able to offer their HS students the option to earn transferable college credit from The University of Iowa.


KidInnovator is a fun, interactive curriculum for upper elementary and middle school students.  Chalk full of activities that introduce students to entrepreneurship, innovation, and problem-solving. KidInnovator empowers your students to think outside the box, work in teams, and solve problems through entrepreneurship.


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