Frequently Asked Questions

What is Young Entrepreneur Institute?
With activities ranging from classes to competitions, apprenticeships to guest speakers, Young Entrepreneur Institute reaches students in grades K – 12 and through a wide variety of institutions. In addition to a robust suite of activities for University School students, we support the broader youth entrepreneurship ecosystem with community-wide programs for kids and educators.
What schools and organizations can work with Young Entrepreneur Institute?
We will work with anyone to share best practices in entrepreneurship education. Although most of our work focuses on the Northeast Ohio youth entrepreneurship ecosystem, we work with organizations all over the world. We believe every child should understand and experience entrepreneurship.
How much does it cost to work with Young Entrepreneur Institute?
With the generous support of University School, community foundations and organizations, Young Entrepreneur Institute is able to provide our services at no cost to schools and organizations serving children in grades K – 12.
What programs does Young Entrepreneur Institute offer?
Our programs are not limited to those developed by Young Entrepreneur Institute. There are wonderful programs offered by many organizations in the ecosystem, like Junior Achievement and the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE). And there is a great deal of curriculum available from large and small publishers. We can help your organization select the activities and curriculum that best fits your needs.
How do I get started with Young Entrepreneur Institute?
Give us a call, send us an email. We’ll get back to you right away.
Call us at 216-831-2200 and ask for the Young Entrepreneur Institute.
Or email us at
How can I support Young Entrepreneur Institute?
Consider a donation or joining our advisory group, Friends of YEI. Click here or contact Katy Nozar,, 216.831.2200.
Where is Young Entrepreneur Institute located?
Our offices are located in the Hunting Valley campus of University School, a K – 12 private boys school. University School fully supports the mission of Young Entrepreneur Institute and provides vital services to enable us to deliver our services at no cost. In addition, University School serves as a laboratory for the development of new activities and curriculum. Over half the student body at University School is involved in at least one activity of Young Entrepreneur Institute.