Consulting Services

Not sure where to start?  Young Entrepreneur Institute offers free consulting services to help networks explore ways to build local and regional partnerships.  We’ve worked with hundreds of afterschool and out-of-school organizations to help them launch or expand their entrepreneurship education initiatives.

Young Entrepreneur Institute offers a range of professional development resources utilizing a “train the trainer” model.  Our annual Enspire Conference attracts hundreds of educators and administrators to share best practices, hear from thought leaders, and meet with curriculum and program providers.  Afterschool-focused webinars bring our expertise to you.  Visit our website for free resources, links to even more resources, and great programming ideas!

Not every child will become an entrepreneur, but entrepreneurship activities teach critical hard and soft life skills that are essential to preparing young people for their 21st century lives.

Hard Skills
Financial literacy, public speaking, and creative problem-solving are just some of the skills gained through entrepreneurship activities.

Soft Skills
Taking ownership of one’s life, learning to overcome adversity, and gaining self-confidence are central to developing the entrepreneurial mindset.

The entrepreneurial mindset empowers kids to confidently meet the challenges they’ll face throughout their lives, not just those encountered at work.

For more information about consulting with the Young Entrepreneur Institute, please contact Ilene Frankel, Director at 216-831-2200 or click here to email her directly.