Lemonade Day Retreat Summary

Interactive Workshop
Our interactive workshop illustrated a way to teach cost of goods sold (COGS) and profit margin to students in fifth grade and up. The activity, titled Lemonade Pricing Activity is described in Teaching Resources [link], available to you in our Google drive of YEI Partner Resources [link]. This document also details many other classroom activities teaching aspects of entrepreneurship. You are welcome to use or adapt these for your classroom.

Participants were also invited to share some lesson ideas or best practices:

At several schools, choosing a charity has become a larger activity. Theresa Petrick of Timmons Elementary described how her students research and select a charity and close the loop at the end by connecting with the charity. At Seton Catholic school, students contact the charity in advance and request materials to display at the stand.

Kathy Betley’s students in Streetsboro chose a low-traffic stand location, so they partnered with a local shelter. They featured an adoptable dog at the stand and the shelter promoted the event through their network of contacts. The students raised over $400 for the charity and the dog was adopted.

Jill Makee of Wickliffe Schools described the friendly inter-district competition last year between two sixth grade classes from Wickliffe and Willoughby-Eastlake’s School of Innovation. The students had fun making their stands the best they could be to attract more sales than the other class. This year’s students are excited to repeat the contest.

Eric Wernet of School of Innovation described how different ages participate in the program, emphasizing age-appropriate lessons and helping each other, as well as layering new lessons as they repeat the program each year. Kay Spatafore of Open Doors Academy echoed this from her students’ experiences in a multi-age environment, repeating the program each year.

At Seton Catholic School, Christina Roppel uses a math maze template to reinforce calculations comparing cost of goods sold for her fifth grade students.

Teacher awards
This year’s awards go to two educators who are helping us reach more students through their dedication to entrepreneurship education and their enthusiasm for sharing our programs.
Educator appreciation awards: Thank you to Kay Spatafore of Open Doors Academy and Jill Makee of Wickliffe Schools for enabling 22% of our student experiences this year!

Below you willl find announcements of incentives for this year, links to resources, and a summary of the workshop and idea sharing at the Lemonade Day Retreat.

Special New Incentives

Yellow Bike Giveaway – one lucky Northeast Ohio student will win a yellow bike! Enter business results by July 20 to be entered in the drawing.

$50 for Teachers – help us collect better data and earn a reward. If your students enter their business results on the national website AND you enter at least one Stand on the Map, you will receive a $50 Amazon gift card. If your stands have already occurred, you will still receive credit for adding them to the map after the fact.

Stands on the Map
Help drive business to your lemonade stands! Brand your Stand which will put a marker on our regional map showing when and where the stand will be open. This also helps YEI staff and funders know where we can come support your business!

True Citrus – FREE Product!
True Citrus has partnered with Lemonade Day nationally and is offering FREE drink mix to Lemonade Day partners this year. You can choose from Lemonade Raspberry, Limeade Watermelon and Limeade Black Cherry. Each box of mix packets makes forty 8 oz. servings. If you are interested in ordering, email jjones@us.edu with your requested quantity.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year
Do you have a student who is super-engaged in the entrepreneurial journey? Nominate them to be the national Young Entrepreneur of the Year. The winner will travel to Houston in September to present at the national City Directors’ Conference and will also win a trip for four to a major theme park.


We want your Lemonade Day experience to be a big success. We offer the following resources to support you through the process.

Loan Fund
To learn more about how to establish a loan approval process in your classroom and to request funds from YEI, visit the Loan Board folder in YEI Partner Resources. To make a request of funds for your students, complete this form, allowing two weeks to receive the money. We recommend a cap on loans of $25-50, depending on age of students and sales location and projections.

Young Entrepreneur Market
At our Young Entrepreneur Market locations, students can sign up to sell at area farmers markets for no charge. In addition, we have lots of good ideas and partnerships to help your students find places to sell.

If you haven’t yet signed up for Lemonade Day, click here to sign up today. Lemonopolis is the online version of Lemonade Day curriculum, targeting fourth, fifth and sixth graders. You can register your classroom directly to participate in Lemonopolis here.

If you’re new to Lemonade Day or looking for ideas, check out the comprehensive Teen and Youth versions of the Teacher Guide, and several other helpful resources, in our Google folder of resources.