Dear Partners and Friends of Lemonade Day Northeast Ohio,

It was great to see many of you at Enspire 2015 and the Lemonade Day Annual Meeting over the weekend. The conference was truly inspiring, educational and entertaining. You won’t want to miss it next year!

See below for important announcements and highlights from the weekend.

Materials announcements

This year we are offering a fully-interactive online experience as an option for your students or the traditional workbook. You may choose from the following options:
Lemonopolis: online experience which comes with the same My Journal mini-workbook we offered last year. This option will not come with a backpack unless you specifically request it.
Printed workbook is the same as before, but this year the Mentor Guide is available only in digital format, no longer a printed companion. Printed materials are still offered in teen or youth version, please specify. Printed workbook comes with the usual bright yellow backpack.

Online Registration instructions & deadline

Our partnership agreement (Memorandum of Understanding), registration and order form will be managed online now. The form is up and running: please follow this link to complete your registration and order form.
Registration and ordering deadline is December 1st.
If you are ordering 100 sets or more of materials we are working on a way for them to be shipped directly to you.

Annual meeting summary

Special Guest Debbie Nazarian of Prepared 4 Life, Director of Cities
Debbie presented statistics about impact of Lemonopolis based on surveys and pre- and post-tests from pilot projects. Lemonopolis is built on learning management software so it collects data on students’ experiences as they work through the curriculum. The program has grown to 56 cities including in South Africa and may include Australia and Austria soon. Lemonade Day has served nearly one million children since inception.
Business results contest – We held a random drawing from among teachers whose students submitted business results, as announced last year. Congratulations to Kathy Betley of Streetsboro’s Henry Defer Elementary who won the $50 prize. Thank you to everyone who participated. It’s so important for us to see the results of your students’ efforts and yours.
Incentives & Bonuses:
Referral bonus – Refer a colleague and receive an Amazon gift card for $100. If your referral completes Lemonade Day. Eligible referrals can be within or beyond your organization.
Innovation awards – 2016 is our year of innovation. We talked at the meeting about ways teachers and students can innovate on Lemonade Day. Past teaching innovations include Loan Board, STEM integration with the Fab Lab, and creating a science lesson around recipe selection. Student innovations can be on marketing, location, sales technique, business theme, recipe and more.
• Submit your stories about teacher innovation by August 1, 2016. One name will be drawn at random to receive a $100 Amazon gift card. Three runners up will each receive a $50 Amazon gift card.
• Submit your stories about student innovation by August 1, 2016. One story will be selected at random and all students on team will receive a prize.
• For the story chosen for National Storybook, teacher will receive a $100 Amazon gift card.
• To view the slides we presented, visit our folder of support materials in Dropbox.

Enspire summary

This is the first year for this entrepreneurship educator conference, which takes the place of the educator retreat that has been offered for years by Young Entrepreneur Institute. Made possible by Burton D. Morgan Foundation, Enspire 2015 attracted nearly 200 guests from across the region, primarily those who teach or support teaching of entrepreneurship in grades K-12.

Saturday afternoon, November 7th Daymond John gave a touchingly honest and highly entertaining lecture about his entrepreneurial life story, full of grit, perseverance and passion. His performance included dramatically choreographed audio and video content and received a standing ovation from the full auditorium. John repeatedly praised the teachers in the audience for their commitment to providing opportunities that he never had.

The young entrepreneur panel was likewise enthusiastically received, featuring eleven-year-old Mikaila Ulmer of Bee Sweet Lemonade from Austin, TX; thirteen-year-old Moziah Bridges of Mo’s Bows from Memphis, TN, both protégés of Mr. John; and 17-year-old Hart Main of ManCan from New Philadelphia, OH. The talk was moderated by Cleveland’s Ethan Holmes, a senior at Hiram College and founder of Holmes’ Mouthwatering Applesauce.

Friday night Jessica Jackley, social entrepreneur and co-founder of the original micro-lending website Kiva.org shared the story of her entrepreneurial journey. Jackley’s rapt audience included Hathaway Brown’s social entrepreneurship club, who enjoyed a private reception with her preceding the lecture.

Justin Bibb from Gallup spoke about metrics and the importance of introducing entrepreneurship education early – according to studies, ideally in or before fifth grade. Laurie Stach from MIT presented about entrepreneurship education at the high school and college level. The final speaker was Derrick Koyego of the Global Soap Project, another inspirational performer who spoke about his experience in social entrepreneurship.

Another highlight of Enspire 2015 was the Teen Tech Tank competition in which northeast Ohio high school students submitted 60-second business pitches presenting a tech idea in hopes of winning time on stage with Daymond John and a generous prize package. Twenty semi-finalists were selected from nearly 100 entries, and five finalists were announced and given a few minutes to speak with the Shark. Winners received $250 cash, a Chromebook laptop, a year supply of Coca Cola sparkling beverages, and the opportunity at an Ahuja Business Leadership Scholarship to Cleveland State. Finalists and their videos can be seen here.

Throughout the two-day event, attendees had opportunities to network and share ideas over delicious food and snacks. In addition to Burton D. Morgan Foundation and University School, event sponsors include Nordson, McDonalds, Best Buy, Coca Cola, Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream, BauerGriffith Law Firm, and Cleveland State University.